Thursday, November 22, 2007

Uncle Walt Update - We Could Use A Miracle

Yesterday I updated Journey Inside My Mind with some urgent news about my Uncle Walt Mitchell, who has been having complications related to his recent heart transplant. I mentioned I'd update again once I've heard anything else.

Here's an update my Mom emailed last night at 9 PM Eastern to friends and family:

Ken just called and said they opened Walt up, and his chest cavity was filled with blood. They presently have his chest cavity packed and have basically left his chest wall open and covered with a dressing.

They know they have to go back in but are hoping they can hold off until sometime Friday to give his body some chance to recover. Today he has received 20 litres of blood.

He has spiked a 102 F fever now too.

He did come to at one point and was able to shake his head and mouthed "I love you" to the kids.

They are keeping him heavily sedated, of course.

The docs told the kids with all the technology, all the medications, and all the skill, it has pretty much come down to a crap shoot.

Ken said it's pretty much coming down to a miracle, and I told him my God is in the miracle-making business.

Keep praying. Prayer has brought him this far, and it can bring him through this.

I love all of you and want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe we will get better news tommorow.
I continue to be amazed at how much something like this brings people together. Our family is so encouraged and inspired to know that you are praying. Please keep it up.

I'll be sure to post back when I get any news.

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