Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Uncle Walt Update - Heart Transplant with Complications

Mom sent an email last night with the following update on my Uncle Walt:

Ken just called. The new heart is in, but Walt is bleeding profusely. And he is filled with infection. They just now are taking him back in to surgery again to try to stop the bleeding and figure out what to do about the infection. The doctors are not optimistic but as we have learned The Great Physician can do anything.

Please keep praying.
I was just chatting with her, and she added:
The doctors have taken him back to the OR to try to stop the bleeding. This was in the past hour. If ever Walt needed prayer this is it. I haven't slept all night. People all over are praying.

Ken said he'd call tonight (around 7 PM Eastern) with an update unless something worse has happened. So let's hope I don't hear from him until after 7.
Thank you all so much for having remembered my Uncle Walt in prayer; please keep praying. I'll be sure to post an update here when I get news.

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