Monday, September 10, 2007

Mental Monday

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Where did the weekend go? I obviously know where it went, but it just seemed like Monday morning came up all of a sudden.

I'm having a down morning, mostly circumstantial-type depression. We have a lot of personal things going on in the family right now, and the stress from that contributes to it. In addition, pressure from work - new boss, new boss's boss - you know what I mean.

In addition, I still feel a lot from being at the One Voice Walk yesterday.

I want to be careful and not let my emotions get out of control. I have prayed and will pray, because I believe that God can handle and even take away the anxieties I feel. I also know (in my head, at least) that I'm not given more than I can handle. I need to remind myself constantly of that and get it down into my heart.

Two statements I remember having on my markerboard earlier this year:
  • You are better than you think you are.
  • You can do more than you think you can
Letting it marinate and letting the down engine do its thing.

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