Friday, July 27, 2007

8 Songs I Want to Buy Right Now

Feeling a bit reminiscent of my college days, I'm going to buy me some songs off iTunes.
1. The Police, "Message in a Bottle"
2. U2, "Vertigo"
3. New Order, "Fine Time"
4. Concrete Blonde, "God Is a Bullet"
5. Jane's Addiction, "Stop"
6. The B-52's, "Channel Z"
7. The Alarm, "Rain in the Summertime"
8. Depeche Mode, "Route 66"

Update: I bought 'em. Wow.


Charles Cadenhead said...

Get the Sting verison of Message it's much better than the orginal.


salguod said...

Jane's Addiction! Cool, I just had that CD in my car changer last week (maybe still do). It's awesome, if you can look past the language and not-so-spiritual themes.