Monday, June 04, 2007

Can you help me make my anniversary special?

Here's the situation - I need your help:

Married father of one 9-year old, seeking help (ideas, etc.) from other married men (and women) about how to make a wedding anniversary on June 17th special in order to make up for having blown it big time in previous years. $50 budget.
When it comes to mine and Jennie's wedding anniversary, I have not done a great job. This time around, Jennie's not expecting anything, and I'd like to actually do something special this year.

Leave your ideas in the comments.

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steven edward streight said...

First, increase your budget. We have in Peoria a Personal Chef franchise, where you get an accomplished chef to come to your house, cook, serve, and clean up...

...and option: bring a pro massage therapist or masseuse who can give your wife a relaxing massage.

Women like rubbing, foot rubs especially.

Patti said...

As a wife, think of her needs, what she likes. Is there a place she likes to go to that you don't particularly care for. As for increasing your budget-think about that. If that is all you really can afford-stick with it. You know your wife. If my husband spent a lot of money we didn't have I wouldn't enjoy it.

Some more ideas-buy her something just for her. Eat out cheap-take a walk-

Know I am the penny pincher in the family-my husband is the spender.