Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Thirteen years ago Jennie and I embarked on this wonderful adventure that is marriage. In some ways it feels like only yesterday; in others, it feels like quite a while. I love how time is elastic like that.

I haven't typically been one to give greeting cards, so I hope that she'll be impressed when she gets the one I'm giving her, even if it came from a card store. It reads:

Baby, when I think about us,
I can't help but love
what we've become.
Yes, those early days
of you and me were amazing.
But now, we've eased
into this deep, soulful groove...
the kind that fills in
all the missing beats
of a man's life
with what's real and true...

You're the rhythm to my rhyme --
smooth and steady
as a heartbeat.
You complete me, Baby.
And while I've loved
every stage of us,
I wouldn't give anything for this one --
the one where we
know each other by heart.

You're the woman who grooves me.
Always have. And, Baby...
you always will.

Happy Anniversary

I noticed that Ed from Ed's Mixed Bag played my request for Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am" on his latest show. Thanks, Ed!

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Lumpy said...

Congratulations and may you both enjoy many more years together.

BarbaraKB said...

Aawww - thanks for sharing, Daniel :) And congrats!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!

Poulsbo flowers

Matt B. said...

Happy Anniversary! That is awesome!