Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Media Cincinnati May- iRiver Introductions

In typical fashion, I passed my iRiver around the room and had everyone introduce themselves. I believe this list is complete and accurate. Please let me know if there need to be additions or corrections.

In order of appearance:
1. Daniel Johnson, Jr.: http://twitter.com/…ljohnsonjr
2. Brandon Kilby: http://twitter.com/papstio (correction from what's on the audio)
3. Mike Stanton: http://twitter.com/mstanton
4. Jeff Hertlein: http://twitter.com/feste2, http://linkedin.com/…ffhertlein
5. Matthew Bitter: http://twitter.com/xiero (thanks Jeff H. for looking that up)
6. Neil, Laura, and Mari Smith: http://smithsoccasional.wordpress.com/
7. D.G. Hollums: http://twitter.com/Argon52, http://theguyspodcast.com/, http://praxispodcast.com/
8. Jeremy Laughlin: http://twitter.com/Phlegon
9. Joe Budde, Jr.: - http://joebuddejr.com/
10. Katy and Shawn: http://gameluv.com/
11. Angelo Mandato: http://angelo.mandato.com/, http://podcampohio.com/
12. Barbara Baker: http://kolbemarket.com/, http://twitter.com/BarbaraKB
13. Joe Wessels: http://cindaily.com/, - http://twitter.com/cindaily
14. Ram: http://xearn.com/, - http://twitter.com/ram18
15. Jennifer Griffin: http://twitter.com/jengriff
16. Heath Parks: http://batmangeek.com/, http://twitter.com/hpbatman7
17. Mike Cornett: http://vizmedia.biz/
18. Debba Haupert: http://girlfriendology.com/, http://twitter.com/…riendology
19. Kristen Beireis: http://twitter.com/…enthusiast, http://virtualhelper4u.com/, http://amazingsteps.com/

Facebook group: http://newmediacincinnati.com/
Twitter presence: http://twitter.com/newmediacincy

Other items:
1. We're looking for a bigger meeting place! Discussion at http://newmediacincinnati.com/
2. Podcamp Ohio is June 28, 2008 - are you going? Many folks from this group will be doing sessions. More info at http://podcampohio.com/

1. Fixed URL for @newmediacincy at Twitter
2. Fixed URL for @xiero at Twitter - i instead of L

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