Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six years later and the move to hosted WordPress

Maybe you noticed on that I'm moving to WordPress. If not, here's a heads-up.

I've played around with free hosting since I first set up my GeoCities site back in 2002. I still have "Dan's Links" set up as my home page on my browser. (Stop laughing. It's worked for me. ;P)

I've got me some web hosting and am slowly working my way in moving my blogs to hosted WordPress. I'm having to learn about nameservers and public_html, Fantastico, and all that fun stuff. But I'm really looking forward to playing with PHP and MySQL, since I've done a lot of SQL Server development for work.

If things here appear a bit wonky for awhile, that's why. Also, if you'd like to offer some free advice during the transition, feel free to leave it in the comments, or contact me through the usual channels.

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hot videos said...

Word press is good but typepad is a little better.